So I read Syup by


And well basically it's about this guy Scat trying to become rich and famous by developing a new brand of coke. It's more or less of a satire on the US of a whole where the underlying message is "Perception is Reality."

I mean it's true. First impressions are everything. If you see a guy in a Armani suit, or a guy driving a Porsche, you automatically assume that he's rich. If you see a guy dressed like he beaten with an ugly stick or a guy who looks like a hobo, you assume that he's poor.

Hell you see a hot chick walking down the streets of NY or LA you automatically assume that it's a hot chick. What you see is what you get is what they say.

Oh I also like this explanation of what marketing is. "Marketing is the biggest religion on the planet. Billions of people warship it without realizing it and it is the biggest industry on the planet"

Which is more or less true. I mean buying anything from any company that makes more than a 10 million dollars a year from the crap that is sold by them has got to be doing something right.

@_@ I feel hypnotized by major companies, like Coca Cola or Microsoft or... Walmart.

Well anyway it's a really funny and fast read and it's interesting considering how many times this Scat guy ends up homeless.

Yes he's Maxx Barry... he writes things.