Ever wonder why weird over-the-top stalkers always want to kill the person over whom they are obsessing? I used to wonder the same thing, but I now have a theory. The need to kill in those instances is caused by knowing too much about a person. People in general have TONS of experiences. It?s unavoidable, because life is full of them, so in 20ish years of life, one has lived more experiences than another human mind can truly want to comprehend.

When someone shares an experience, often times you take it in to learn from it yourself, so that you don?t need to go through the same ordeal to get the same lesson. To hear about every little freaking experience that one has lived through is to live with those experiences yourself, and the sheer number of experiences that another person has lived through residing within yourself can blow your mind. Yes, it blows your mind to the point where you want to blow up their mind.. with a gun.

I?m writing about this, because as I sit here, my roommate has a little friend in the next room. I don?t know how old she is exactly, her birth name, and I probably wouldn?t recognize her if I saw her on a street somewhere, but what I do know is that the fucking energizer bunny resides in her vocal chords. She will not shut up! For the last 4 or 5 hours, she has talked and talked about every little freaking aspect of every freaking event that she remembers from every period of her life.

Never in my life have I wanted so much to cause physical pain to a fellow being of humanity. Never has this type of rage been flowing through me; adrenaline has replaced my blood; an aura of heat surrounds me; hate is all that my mind contains..

Anyway, the rest of my day was great for no reason at all. I can?t explain it, I was just happy.. It was weird and kinda scary, almost uncomfortable. More later.