I don't much care for playing in mafia games, but it is fun to create them. I've got one for Arkham Horror, based on HP Lovecraft, but I don't think the mafia itself is very good, so I haven't posted it. Gonna have to work on it some more.

This one is based on the Pathfinder RPG.


Alahazra, LG Human Oracle

[Clouded Vision - Passive]

When using her abilities, Alahazra has a 50% chance of targeting a random player because she can't see anything beyond 30 ft.
[Burning Hands - Active]
Alahazra can cast Burning Hands because of her flame mystery. It attacks 3 players with the chance of targeting random players due to her Clouded Vision. One Shot.
[Divine Magic - Active]
Alahazra casts divine spells, and can use them to cure her allies. She can protect one player every cycle. Unfortunately, she don't see too good.

Alain, LN Human Cavalier
[Order of the Cockatrice - Active]
Members of this order are selfish, and Alain is no exception. Alain can target one player every phase, and all actions that are performed on that player are performed on Alain instead. If Alain or the player he targets is attacked, the targeted player takes the attack instead.
[Steal Glory - Passive]
If the player Alain targets with his Order of the Cockatrice ability performs an action, Alain steps in, enhances that action, and takes all the glory for himself.

Amiri, CN Human Barbarian
[Rage! - Active]
Amiri can attack one player every cycle. Because of her innate rage, however, she has a 50% chance of targeting a random player instead.
[Damage Reduction - Passive]
Barbarians are hard to fucking kill. It takes a super kill, a lynch, or two attacks in one phase to overcome Amiri's damage reduction and put her down for good.

Balazar, N Gnome Summoner
[Eidolon - Active/Passive]
Balazar has a constantly evolving eidolon companion. It grows in strength the longer Balazar is alive.
Day 1 the Eidolon sacrifices himself if Balazar is targeted with a lynch or attack. If this is the case, Balazar becomes a generic.
Day 2 the Eidolon gains a 50% chance of killing the attacker. If this fails, the Eidolon sacrifices himself as above and Balazar becomes a generic.
Day 3 if the Eidolon would sacrifice himself, there is a 50% chance that the Eidolon recovers and is not sacrificed.
Day 4 Balazar becomes bulletproof, with a 50% chance of killing attackers.
Day 5 the Eidolon picks up an attack every cycle.
Day 6 the attack becomes a super kill and bypasses protection and bulletproof status.
[Speak with Animals - Passive]
Gnomes can cast a number of spell-like abilities. Balazar can communicate with animals. Balazar is immune to attacks from Lini.

Damiel, CN Elf Alchemist
[Bomb - Active]
Damiel throws a bomb at one target player, and one random player, attacking them both. One shot.
[Mutagen - Active]
Damiel can make mutagens to enhance his physical stats. He can use each of these once, and only one per cycle:
Strength mutagen - Damiel beats the shit out of someone, attacking a target player.
Dexterity mutagen - Damiel becomes nimble and hard to hit. He becomes a nexus for one cycle.
Constitution mutagen - Damiel becomes hard to kill for a cycle. He needs to be targeted with two attacks, a super kill, or a lynch to kill him.
[Elf - Passive]
Elves are resistant to magic. If Damiel is targeted by a harmful spell or spell-like ability, there is a 50% chance that effect will fail. Regardless of the spell or spell-like ability, Damiel also has another 50% chance of learning the identity of the caster.

Ezren, NG Human Wizard
[Spells - Active]
Being a wizard, Ezren casts a variety of one-shot spells, limited to one per cycle:
Fireball - Ezren throws a ball of flaming fiery death attacking one player, and catching two random players in it's midst.
Detect Magic - If any magic is used this cycle, Ezren has a 50% of learning the identity of the caster.
Interposing Hand - The first attack against Ezren, regardless of it's strength or source, is foiled for the cycle.
Hideous Laughter - Target player spends the entire cycle laughing hysterically. Their vote doesn't count, and are effectively roleblocked.
Lightning Bolt - Ezren attacks with a little more precision. He targets a single player.
Disintegrate - Superkill. Player is reduced to ash and cannot be revived. Targets one.

Feiya, CG Human Witch
[Hexes - Passive]
Hexes act like spells. Any hex can only target a single player once. Only one hex can be used a cycle.
[Slumber Hex - Active]
Feiya targets one player. That player falls asleep for the cycle and loses all bulletproof status. That player is roleblocked. Fails against elves.
[Ward - Active]
Feiya protects one player for the cycle.
[Charm Hex - Active]
Feiya charms a player. That player cannot target her with harmful effects, and must target her with beneficial ones. That player also votes the same way as Feiya does during the day phase.

Harsk, LN Dwarf Ranger
[Track - Active]
Every night Harsk can follow a target player, learning all players that that player visits.
[Favored Enemy - Passive]
Harsk chooses a creature type (dragon, giant, etc) during his first night phase. If Harsk ever tracks a creature of that type, Harsk superkills that creature. All actions creatures of that type take against Harsk fail.
[Dwarf - Passive]
Dwarfs are hardy, and start with 2 lives.

Imrijka, NG Half-orc Inquisitor
[Detect Alignment - Active]
Imrijka can take a look at one player a cycle, and learn that player's alignment.
[Orc Ferocity - Passive]
Orcs don't die pretty. If Imrijka is attacked and killed, she slays her attacker(s). If she is lynched, she attacks the last vote against her. Doesn't work against spells.