Outside In's
You see them there,
as you walk by
without care.

Outside in's
Are not to be included.
Doing so will lead to
grim rack and ruin.

Outside in's
Pay no attention
to the given norms,
Oft living unaware
they don't conform.

Outside In's
Must never forget,
they are doomed by their nature
to give more than they get.

Outside In's
Wander lost and out of place,
but does that really matter
when you don't have a face?

Outside In
Is my home,
so tranquil this space,
Designed for souls resting,
unable to keep pace.

Outside in
is a reflection
of who I really am,
I cannot fit in,
so I live out the sham.

I'm outside in
Who are you?
Outside or In?

yesh I do ramble at times