This is how it seems to be
Other people's lives seem more interesting
Because they ain't mine
Other people's lives seem more interesting
Because they ain't mine
Other people's lives seem more interesting
Because they ain't mine
Other people's lives seem much more interesting

Well, I'm fed up and I need to go
Out of existence or just down the road forever
Well, later that night on the side of the road
I'm out of gas and I should have known better
Well, a guy shows up, he's 25 years old
Always thought this kid was such a mama's boy
He said, and that's what he said
He's been in the army and he did some speed
He went down to Thailand, and he did the deed
Oh yeah, he did it for the boys
A cop shows up, way damn late
I was excited, but usually I hate to see them

On the roadOut of road Going out Out of gas
Out of road out of car Out of everything at last
Out, out, rent a carGot yourself a crazy walk
Said a bowlegged Or maybe you're just pegleggedOr something like that

Big car, and I should?ve promised myself
I can not go when there?s nothing better
And it?s better all alone on the side of the road
I could?ve sworn she left when I was drunk
My god, now her face is gone
It goes on and on and on and on
Out of gas and nothing left
Got caught but I?m still on the gas
I said, I said, I said now I?m going to break my pace

Nothing ever happened.

It?s was always a much more mental, powerful and rather grave cerebral experience. Capturing those real, fleeting moods, moments in life that happen everyday to everyday people. There was no climax or meaning, life usually appears dull in those instances. Things in life and time usually flash so fast before you know it, like a blink of an eye or a snapshot from a camera. It's similiar to a photo; images of new, different places you go, things beautifully captured on film or a polaroid, but the actual story behind pictures are usually not as mysterious, exciting or pretty in form, in reality to you. Doing things, trying to live in the moment and really have fun, or look like you?re having fun, but you?re in your head too much. Killing time, but always aware of time, how can you really enjoy the moment?

Those places you?ve been and visited away from home or anywhere you feel at home or felt at home, or it never really existed for you, it usually looks a lot better on film, mementos, not because of sweet, beautiful nostalgia of the moment itself, but you can see more from a distance , the whole picture, meaningful with time passing, you getting older, you begin to appreciably remember it more like as if in a film you see, with you the star, the director.

Strange familiarity, the familiar strange.

A new way to see the past like how a picture can be framed, taken; how particular songs played as if in your head, of a theme at a moment that captured the images, feel of times, meanings in your life. A memory, feeling you can always recall in your mind, because of a particular mood you felt at a time, or a lot, that somehow stood out in your life for a reason...being there but not really there at the exact moment it actually happened; a stranger to everything. It?s surreal like a dream in a sense, dream walking and dream talking.