I quit from my previous job as a librarian.

I'm now lack of access to the internet. That's why I rarely online these days.

Through my late job I had a 24 hours unlimited access to the internet for free. With a high speed bandwidth almost reach 100 kbps.

I had my own key of the library. I went online after midnight or after the library service ended at 22:00 hour. And I had 100% free of books and journals reading. :amuse

Actually I could also gone online at noon. But I must wait until no visitors using the internet service PC. There is a certain PC provided for internet access purpose. Not all of the PCs in my work place had and allowed to access the internet.

I was doing some changes to the network router with help of my fellow. So I can accessed the internet from every PCs in the office. That was actually an illegal action. The Head of the Library forbid me to do that because of the danger from virus attack that will ruin all the book and literature entries in the server computer. Don't worry I had returned the network setting to the safe line mode for the library before I go. :p

I'm now living in my hometown Bekasi. My study in Brawijaya University, Malang, East Java, had already finish. smile-big And no more free high speed internet access :cry Now the library could run in peace, lol