Wow i didn't knw There was blogs on NF


Hello to everyone reading this, you're all deffinatley sexy ninja's in thongs XD

Hmmmm my day was.....boring.

Apart from C***tastic thats absolutely made my day. Take a guess people at wat the word taken out is :lmao

Currently though I am getting rather tired of drawing bloody doors D:

Why am I drawing doors?

Because of an art prodject, isn't art suposed to be fun? Appatently not when it comes to people making up prodjects because 9/10 you knw its gonna be the lamest thing you can think of.

Like drawing things at differant angles :/


I'm going to a anime EXPO in london in October and I can't wait to go!
I've been saving all my pennies sinse its always quite exspensive at those things ^^;

My sights are set on getting a sasuke top and maybe a keyring and some manga drawing stationary <3

I was seriously contemplating going cos-play but i'm not sure I'll be able to get the costume done in time sinse i'm going to be veeerrry busy :notrust

I wanna see a lot more cos-plays this time other than akatsuki all the time, i got nothing against them but its getting tedious.
Unless someone goes as Pain!<3

My god does he look like a smexy bad boy<3 I love him already.
I even would go as far as to say he levels up to itachi...but still not as good as my sasuke-kun!


I would like to say a great BIG thankies to Curry for partisipating in the b-day suprise for Matricha, I luv you girl. :harlita

got to go now,