One-Shot Competition!
Which Story Is Better?
You Tell Us!

||~*/Possible SorKai Warning!\*~||​

{{Basic Story Line}}
Sora, Riku, and Kairi are all at Destiny Islands together. Sora and Riku talk while Kairi goes off to hang around with Selphie, Namine and Yuffie. Sora tells Riku he likes Kairi and wants to ask her out. So Sora and Riku get Namine, Selphie and Yuffie to make a plan with them. They try several plans. All of which fail. Then finally, one of the plans work and Sora gets to ask Kairi out. Sora asks her out and she says. . .

The last part was decided by us! After that it should end shortly.

The Point Of This?
Basically this is a friendly competition between two friends to see who?s better! :] So we decided to both write a story using that storyline and then post it here and have you guys vote saying which story is better.

So all?s you have to do is read them and vote for which you like better!

Participation is greatly appreciated!
For all who do read and vote, Thanks! Ahead of time.


The First One-Shot, ?Operation: SoraXKairi?
By: TwilightSakura a.k.a Sam

The Second One-Shot, ?She's So Damn Beautiful?
By: Lilli (Currently Not A Member)

Both One-Shot?s Are Kingdom Hearts Fan Fictions

Again, Thanks For Participating