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Why don't you do it Regi? Have some OP calc under your belt. :maybe
Regicide;51918099 said:
Don't tempt me. :maybe
Sherlōck;51918108 said:

Here. Have some Ice Cream.:)
Son of a bitch. :maybe

This is just a minor revision, really.

Going to take Dastan's calc and update the shear strength portion. Distance that the force is exerted over being the depth of the crater, rather than melee distance.

Don't actually read One Piece myself, so don't ask me for any details about the feat in question. :lmao
Dastan said:
Cross Sectional Area of 1 Rectangle = 84.74620*3226800 = 273459038.16m^2

Stress = F/A

We're using 7000MPa (the yield strength for Silicon)

7000000000 = F/(273459038.16*2)

F = 3.8284265e+18N
Energy is force times distance.
Dastan said:
So Crater Depth = 131 px = 84.74620 meter
3828426500000000000*84.74 = 324420861610000000000 joules or 77.53 gigatons of TNT

Adding the 7.13 gigatons that Dastan got from KE..

7.13+77.53 = 84.66 gigatons of TNT

Final Tally

Chinjao's Headbutt: 84.66 gigatons