I suck at relevant blog titles. Anyway, I need to cut down on porn. I think from here on, for awhile I'm giving up porn. I need to build up sexual energy to fuel my creativity. I can't run on violent urges alone. I need serious sexual frustration and perhaps anger to get my writing back where I want it.

So far, the story is getting real interesting. I'm about to move into some new territory. I'm going out of my comfort zone into more open, unclear path. I have no clue where my ultimate destination is at the moment so my story is going to be super experimental and probably have alot more subplot. I think I mentioned that last part in my last post. It's gonna be epic. Obsession, longing, moving to the edge and beyond. I think that's what I could use to describe this arc, however cliche that is. I hope I can share this story with you all someday.