Mediocrity. It's bad, isn't it? To be below-average at whatever it is you do.
Well, I'm starting to embrace it.

I used to suck at Halo. I mean really suck. Two kills, 10 deaths, the like. Then I got mediocre. 7-12, 8-10, 11-13. And then it was the best game in the world.
Then I got good.
12-7. 8-5. And suddenly, every point mattered. Ever mistake sucked. And it was no longer fun unless some friend was around to keep me in check.

I always blamed my mum for not letting me play organized hockey as a kid. I could have been really good, I know it. But now I wonder, would it really have been worth it? Without it, I can now play every Tuesday on a beat-up outdoor asphalt rink with a bunch of other could've-beens and never-weres. But that's not what we are. We're kids playing a game, enjoying a game we love. And I'm not the best player out there. And that's a damn good feeling. Because it's all about having fun, it's all about the love of the game, and when you're good enough that you have to keep score, suddenly that's not the case anymore.

I love being mediocre.