Since I don't want to necro that thread, I'm posting this here:

I've changed my views on abortion somewhat. While I'm still not necessarily for it, I'll drop my 'completely against it' stance, for a few reasons.

If the mother wants an abortion, it's probably for a pretty good reason. I never was against it for medical reasons, nor for sexual crimes.

I now add that if the mother wants an abortion, she (probably) either:

Isn't ready.
Can't afford it.
Or simply doesn't want it.
Or some other reason I can't think of right now.

In the first case, a parent that isn't financially or emotionally ready for a child doesn't need to be burdened with one, and it wouldn't be fair for the child to grow up in such a situation.

In the second case, if the mother isn't ready for it financially, then there runs the chance of the mother becoming homeless or one of the two becoming malnourished, or putting strains in the family, which would not be fair to the child.

In the third case, while I find this to be the worst excuse, it is still relevant, since a mother that doesn't want a child might not take good care of the child, or might not know how to raise it, etc.

Final case: if there's a reasonable reason, I guess that I won't be against it.

Big post, but, suffice to say that I'm definitely not for it, but, I drop my 'against it' stance.

This was prompted by my realizations of exactly how much of a role care, attention and proper parenting play in how the child turns out emotionally and mentally.