Okay... about today and yesterday night... Alright! I went to work yesterday, like normal... and there is this newbie, and he has no idea what he is doing. But he is dancing by the prep table, and singing to Fairyland by A. T. ... I was looking at him like he was a creep, and he started singing again, so I walked past him and onto the stage. As I was getting ready to perform, he comes on to the stage and sings the song from the beginning. The crowd is laughing, and clapping, so I didn't do anything about it, then I sang. Then when my shift was over at 11:30PM, I was walking home. He rolls up beside me in his fancy car, and he asked me if I want a ride. I said no, then he drove off. The next few minutes later, he comes around the next block and asks me if I am sure I don't want a ride. I assure him the answer was no, that I can walk home by myself. He says okay, then he doesn't come back. So I get home and turn on some J-pop station that my roomate always has on... He loves the songs that the girly's sing. He's such a girly boy, it's so funny. But then today at work, the newbie was there, and he apologized for taking my turn yesterday, and I told him that it was okay, and my boss came over to him and said that to get him up stage today would be hard, because we had been booked by dancers and singers from all over Tokyo! The bands were amazing, by the way... I couldn't believe they were in my bar! Woohoo! Well, that is the end of this blog. Thanks for reading, good night!