Me on the left, with my mom's boyfriend and one of my sisters.


Me, with my little sister on the first day of school. My mom insisted on taking a picture...

Some old pics of me... lol... my little sister looks seriously pissed.

Right, so a little bit more about me...

Though I was born and now live in Moscow, Idaho, I didn't always. I lived in Sequim, Washington for the majority of my childhood.

Sequim is a little backwater town on the Olympic Peninsula, west of Seattle. I have to this day never seen another place so... gray. I've heard that in recent years, the town has become one big strip mall, which suits it. It didn't have character before and it doesn't now.

However, there was one excellant thing about Sequim, and that was its location. We lived fifteen miles from the Olympic National Park and thirty minutes from the beach, though it took much longer to get to the actual coast, which was my favorite place. But that is Sequim's sole redeeming feature. Lol...

Though the pictures do not show it well, I have a dent in the center of my forehead from a sharp stone that had been aimed at the back of my neck, which I tried to dodge and failed to do so rather miserably.

I'm toying with the idea of writing an autobiography under the guise of a fiction book... meh, I don't remember everything like it was, so it would be fiction... but only after I've gone to college, I think. I need to improve my vocabulary and polish my writing skills first.