I've been hanging out with many different groups, both in real life and on NF. I've seen the different attitudes and styles vary from group to group. I've heard different labels of people who like certain things. And I just have to ask, why? Why do label eachother, and place eachother inside different groups. Why do we seperate ourselves from eachother because of thing we like?

For example; the music lovers are split between rock and rap, metal heads and prog whores. Why? Because we're different? No, that's what makes us human. Because we think we're better than everyone else. No. Then Why? Is it because our peers? Our fellow members? We fear being pressued by other members. We want to be accepted. We find a group that likes the things we're into and stick with them. We want to escape the fleeting fear that other members or friends will think lowly of you. So we protect our status as a member of these cliques, and we constantly judge those around us.

If we think someone has bad taste, or likes the wrong music, or whatever, we shun them, give them a label, and exile them from our group. We can't avoid acknowledging this. I just call it as I see it.

You know it happens, what're you going to do about it?