It fucking is. With milk. Oh my God. So you put the milk on the stove and let it burn, baby, oh yeah, heat it up just fine. When its so hot it can't stand it, you turn off the heat and pour the fluids in a bucket, but not before you added your crispy seeds of semen in it. Make sure to use your 'spoon' to shove it in and twirl it around before taking it off the stove.

After this, just take a break and you both take a rest. Note the smoke rising up from the oatmeal; its the smoke of passion. Its calling you out, "hey sexy, ready for the second round?". And this is where it gets wild. Again, you use your spoon of manhood to dip it in and make it squirt hard. Drink it all up, even the hard crispy pieces. Go quicker and quicker, don't let it cool off, quicker still...! When all the semen is done for and you're left with nothing but the hot steamy white milk, you take the entire bowl and just empty it on your face; don't mind any spilling, most of it will enter your mouth anyway, let the rest just drip and embrace your manly beard and let it stay there. Then go to work a Man. Go to work a Champion.