Lately, due to the additional work I have and also attending language classes (I am a staunch believer in life-long learning), I'm losing precious time to indulge in my translations!! :yell

I have some translations that are outstanding but I give my word that they will be done eventually.
- Bleach Official Bootleg's personality test (currently, the first map is done)
- One Piece (many many many character bios waiting to be done)
- others.

Right now, I'm having a really bad headache and I nearly puked on the train on my way home earlier. Earlier this week, it was painful eyes and numb fingers. It's not too good... I know I need more rest but I'm just so stubborn about some things sometimes. :cry

Before my body malfunction completely, I'm gonna take a break for a while and come back with the stuff delivered. Dun miss me! :thumbs