I'm a nerd. I love video games, I've watched a lot of anime, read a lot of manga. But that's how I'm nerdy. I'm not into science fiction, I've never LARPed, and I've never played D&D.

So when some of my friends started pressuring me to play a D&D game with them, I, having no interest to do so, turned them down. But through some circumstances far beyond my control (I wanted them to bring me my keyboard that I left at their place), I find myself gearing up to do just that. So I decide that I want to play a Wizard (I just finished Harry Potter), however my friend informs me that the DM is setting up the game in a "low magic" universe.

He tells me that in the lame made up world I'm to be playing in, there is a militaristic government which the players are rebelling against. He says that the the government takes anyone with magical powers and forces them into the military, and that in order to play a magical character I'd have to make up an elaborate and believable backstory to explain why I wasn't working for "the man".

It took me a second, but then I got it. This is my characters backstory:
It's 1945, Germany. I'm Hitler. Finally after years of research into the occult, diligence has paid off, and not a moment too soon. Hitler's found that the key to unlimited power is locked away in the soul, which is located in the physical center of the brain. In his studies he's learned how to "unlock" this power, to unlock his soul. So using all that he's learned he creates a key to his soul and places inside of bullet, enabling him to insert it directly into the source. When the Allies finally made it into his bunker, they found Hitler dead, with a gun wound to the brain. But he wasn't really dead, it had worked! The key implanted in the bullet unlocked his inner-soul, unleashing his untapped magical powers, however, the act caused a rift in the time-space continuum - transporting him to another world in another dimension, where an oppressive militant government, not much unlike the one he ruled on Earth, controls the population with a iron fist. But unlocking his soul also enlightened Hitler, so now he seeks to repent for his past misdoings by taking down the despotism that tortures the people of this brave new world... or does he?


Enlightened Hitler - Time Wizard
What do you guys think?