Hello, i'm new here and today, i will be telling you, why SOME NejiHina haters irritate me as well as most other NejiHina fans.

First of all, i'd like to say that you are allowed to ship or don't ship whatever you want, personally i don't even care. I'm not asking you to ship NejiHina, nor accept this relationship. I'm only asking you to respect that i ship it. Why should i respect that you don't ship it, when you don't respect that i do? So today, i'm defending myself and all the NejiHina fans who get hate merely by posting something they like or they hesitate to post at all (like how i used to be)

1. It's sad how people assume we only ship this because they trained together and they trash our opinion, when in real, there is so much more we see to it that others don't see. I don't blame you if you feel different about their interaction, but why talk to me ironically and making fun of me. "Oh he trained with her that means he loved her". Don't just assume whatever you want without actually bothering to hear why we actually ship it, because it's not just this. If that's your reason, then the same goes to the NejiTen shippers because the only thing Neji and Tenten did together was train and cooperate. Do you like this? I assume no! So why do it to me? You can always express your opinion without making fun or trashing mine.

2."They're cousins". I'm sick and tired of this poor excuse, like i don't already know that they're cousins. Okay my friend! In your country, this is considered weird and illegal. However, in other countries, it's perfectly natural, even usual. And remember that in the old days, families and clans used to marry first cousins in order to keep the bloodline pure and this is what the Hyūga clan would probably do as well. Not to mention that a few years ago, NejiHina was Japan's third favorite Naruto ship. Besides, they're anime characters. Who cares about biology and if they're cousins or not? They're not real, so if Neji and Hinata were to have a child, i assure you that it would be perfectly healthy and normal. Some shippers think what if they weren't cousins. That's simple to do as well. If you're an anti-NejiHina, try to find a better reason to tell to the NejiHina shippers, then just saying they're cousins or don't comment at all, because i've got news for you. WE ALREADY KNOW THAT!!!!! Commenting it isn't going to change our minds!

3."He tried to kill her"! Sasuke tried to kill Naruto as well, yet SasuNaru doesn't get so much hate about it. People are stuck at that time when it comes to NejiHina. The boy made a mistake he greatly regretted later on. That doesn't mean he couldn't have fallen in love with her later. And Hinata doesn't seem to hold a grudge against him. Everybody makes mistakes. And let's not forget that he sacrificed his LIFE for her. And if you hear my theory, i don't even think he hated her back then. I think he loved her deep inside, but forced himself to hate her because she's from the main family and a weakling. He tried to avoid the fight at the beginning after all.

So yeah, i hope you got my point from all this. I'm not trying to force my opinion upon you, i'm asking you to stop hating on NejiHina fans and stupidly saying things we already know that happened. You don't ship it? Okay, i don't have a problem. Let me ship it without having to face all those hate comments.