My name is not destroy_musick, it's David. Just in case you guys were interested or something.

Hi. My name is David -offers hand-

Yesterday I got a bonsai tree in the post from my gf. god i love her so much for this gift. I've always enjoyed a spot of gardening and this is an awesome gift. :D

Tonight is RP, last one was shite to be honest, really bummed me out. Hopefully our storyteller can use our criticism to make it all good again. I miss good.

Yeah, yesterday I felt like absolute crap in the morning, still kinda do now. I need a diet change i think, more fruit and veg.

Veg is thwe trouble though, im a picky veggie eater, very picky. I wish i wasn't, but eh, then I wouldn't be David.

I like long walks, i need to go on a hike or something. If i were more fit i'd probably take the Tough Guy Challenge with my brother. But eh.

I think thats all about thats floating in my head.


-goes off to listen to XTC and do faux-work-