I swore in today with the Army National Guard. I am now officially Specialist Heintz. Sorta scary, sorta exciting. I ship out on the fourth of October. Took them fucking long enough. Shit, man.

Anyway, boot camp ought to be fun. Looking forward to that. I think I'll come out in great shape. My recruiter told my that OCS is even more physically demanding of all things, so I guess come next spring I'll be pretty fucking ripped. Works for me. It'll help the wife hunting I'm sure. Women are shallow like that.

Long term goal is still to join the FBI or the CIA. I'm still not sure which one I really want to go into. Maybe I'll apply for both and see which one takes me and how much they pay and that sort of thing. Army will help, I imagine. I'm still slated as Provost Marshall I believe, which is MP which will help with the FBI, and if I opt to do some Intelligence training while I'm there it'll help with the CIA. And if I happen to be a pretty good shot I might try out for the Sniper stuff, which would be fun, and then I could possibly be a special ops guy or something for the CIA, which would be totally cooler than the Army.

All and all I think I've got my life on track. At least for the next year or so I'll stay busy with training, and get paid for it, so I'll start saving up a little nest egg. And then, once the training is done they'll pay for grad school, which is like... why the hell not? And after grad school... CIA or FBI. So I've got at least three years mapped out, so...

And, you know what, maybe family life isn't for me. While I want kids and a wife and what have you, the life I want to live is a little too intense and "short notice", and I suppose I'll be doing a lot of moving, so a family might bog me down. Sucks, I suppose, but it's one of the sacrifices that need to be made.

Wish me luck, I suppose.