NarutoXIsaribi, you know fish girl from the fillers,
Here's what some people think.

Haruhi;13633824 said:
I honestly thought she was somewhat related to Kisame, but that was because I started watching the filler arc during it's last episode. However as I watched it from the beginning, I started to think that she was actually like Naruto in numerous ways. The way she was being bullied by the people in her village because she was thought of as a freak and a monster cause she was the only person to have survived this one phenomenon which made a countless number of other people end up as missing. It was because that Naruto was able to relate to her that I was able to feel the bond between them and wouldn't be surprised that if some people out there would have started ship her and Naruto as a pairing (as it seems that Naruto was actually quite popular with the ladies during some of the arcs especially that one Kunoichi from Star who fell in love with him). I generally regard that arc as a way for Naruto to remember the hardships he had to endure as he was kid; thinking how lucky he was that he was able to find people who liked him for he was compared to other people who shared similar pasts yet are still miserable even today (not to mention shedding a bit more light on Anko's past).

rageofkyubii;13633901 said:
Naruto's a filler/movie girl pimp. :amuse

I could not agree more if she was canon and Hinata was not I would ship this for sure as Fish girl is perfect for Naruto.