The 3 MS Techniques:

1) Tsukiyomi?God of the Moon
Full moon is usually related to going insane in urban legends. (Itachi used Tsukiyomi on Sasuke on a full moon night. Coincidence?)

2) Amaterasu?Goddess of the Sun
Our Sun is a huge fireball. Its matter can warp the spacetime around it that produces an effect which we call gravity (In fact all matter can warp the spacetime around it, to a certain extent). Although our Sun doesn't have enough mass to form a blackhole, other more massive stars can, after their deaths (in a spectacular way called supernova explosion)

3)Susanoo?God of the Storm- telepathy and teleportation


Tobi-unknown but if my theorty is correct he has to atleast be able to use Amaterasu(But if he is reall Madara he should be able to use all of the 3 moves)

Sasuke-Susanoo(telepathy used when he invaded naruto's mind and sealed the fox for a short moment, teleportation-his high speed also used in his 1st shippuden encounter with naruto when he jumped from the top of the crater to the bottom next to naruto and held the sword at him)

Madara Uchiha's Dark HIstory:

Shodaime- Madara's bestfriend,The 1st Hokage

Because of his bravery and almost unparalleled powers, Madara soon became a hero in his people?s eyes despite his young age. He became very close friends with Shodaime and together they took up the responsibility to protect the Konoha village they established. Madara founded the first police force in the Konoha and swore to protect his people with his life.

But good things do not last long. As Madara was about to reach his adulthood, Sojobo began to reveal his true intention. Sojobo didn?t marry the girl from Hyuuga out of love. He was only looking for a perfect body, a container (probably to achieve greater powers), and he figured the best way was to create one with his own blood. He was planning on taking over Madara?s body once he reached his adulthood. It didn?t take Uchiha Madara long to find out this appalling truth. He felt a mixture of shock and anger. He felt he was being used but he wasn?t going to give in such easily, at least not without a fight. But Madara knew only too well that no matter how strong he was he stood no chance against the King of Tengu. Out of desperation he sought for the legendary Bijuu?Kyuubi (the God of Fire).

Kyuubi was very impressed by Madara?s abilities. A secret pact was made and Kyuubi agreed to lend his power and chakra to Uchiha Madara. Soon Madara mastered the katon and he could even cast a dark fire that would burn for 7 days and 7 nights after performing the Amaterasu. But even with these newly gained powers and a huge supply of chakra from the Kyuubi, Uchiha Madara was only able to beat his demon father by a hair's breadth. He couldn?t finish him once and for all but only managed to seal him up. However, the seal he used was a very special one. To break the seal it requires the Kyuubi's chakra and also not one but 3 Uchiha members who can wield the Mangekyou Sharingan. Each MS user has to cast a different MS jutsu at the same time and when the 3 jutsus--Tsukiyomi, Amaterasu and Susanoo--combine, the great evil will be unleashed. It's a tall order and Madara thought it would be enough to seal up the demon for eternity. But what Madara didn?t anticipate was that this seal itself would bring a bloody massacre upon his own clan many decades later?

Here I will derail a bit and talk about the relationship between Shodaime and Madara. When Shodai found out about the secret pact between Madara and Kyuubi he was enraged. He thought it was hunger for greater power that led his best friend to the Kyuubi. Madara didn?t explain to him either because he didn?t want anyone to know he was a half-demon. Conflicts began to appear between the two who were once close to each other. The intense hostility eventually resulted in a great battle at the Valley of the End. (You might think that I depicted Madara as too strong a character and therefore feel skeptical about Shodai being able to rival both MS and Kyuubi?s power at the same time. Well you better not forget that Shodai had the ability to suppress Kyuubi?s chakra and his darkness jutsu and suiton might be very good counter-moves to Madara's Sharingan and katon respectively as well.)

Itachi's Motives:

From the moment Itachi heard about the origin of his clan he felt a weird sense of pleasure and superiority. He felt he was somehow more special than the others. Then his sick and twisted mind had gone even further. He wanted to set the tengu free. He was willing to sacrifice his body in exchange for probably the strongest power the world had ever seen. He was ready to offer his body to the Tengu King.

Soon Itachi had put his thoughts into action. When he learned about the Akatsuki?s plan to capture the Bijuus he decided to join them. He needed their help to get the Kyuubi?s chakra. But that?s not all. Itachi still had to find another 2 MS users. After awhile, he came across a second(tobi) MS user who agreed to help him carry out his plan. Now all he needed was the third and last MS user

Itachi knew his clan members would never kill their loved ones to get MS. He despised them. They were a bunch of cowards, useless ?oh wait, Itachi suddenly came up with an idea?he could still use them to achieve his purpose. He could use them to make his little brother the third MS user?

kakshi would never agree to help itach realse the demon

but tobi is evil and his motive is still unoticed,so ofcourse he would agree to help,through anger and rage of his friends and family being kilt sasuke would eventually unlock the ms,then itachi would trick him to be the 3rd key or the 3rd user to unlock the tengu seal,now this is when akatsuki comes into play itachi joins them to capture naruto...after capturing narto he would use the 9tails chakara (the 4th and final key) to open the gate to the demon tengu

Reference To Naruto Shippuden Series:

As you must notice the 1st time Sasuk met Itachi in a room, Itachi would not fight Sasuke their he told Sasuke to meet him at the Uchiha HIdeout. IF you read my whole theory the tengu demon is sealed at the bottom of the Uchiha HIdeout in a shrine. WHen Sasuke finally met up with Itachi at the Uchiha Hideout Tobi approchecd NAruto and the other leaf ninjas. If this is true that tobi is Madara Uchiha he should be able to defeat them with eas and capture Naruto. Now Tobi will bring naruto back to the Uchiha Hideout at the tengu demons shrine. Itachi and Sasuke should be their two. Itachi will most likely use his Ms power the Tsukiyomi to trick Sasuke to use his Ms power the Susanoo. At the same time naruto will see Sasuke and Tobi will tell him about Jiriyah's death considering Tobi probably set that up since he is the real Akatuski leader. NAruto will get very angry and furious and start using the 9tails power. Lastly Tobi will reviel his Ms and use the Ms power Amaterasu. Now if you read the whole theory all the keys are at the tengu shrine......3 Ms moves are being use at one time and the 9tails chakara is being used. So the tengu demon will appear Lol now this is where me theory goes down hill I need more magna episodes to gather information.


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