I found this through someone's LJ. I was bored so I answered them.

1. Favorite yaoi pairing: SasuNaru

2. Favorite yuri pairing: InoSaku

3. Favorite het pairing: ShikaTema/AsuKure

4. Overarching shiny M3ant2b3 OMGOTP: SasuNaru

5. Favorite threesome: NejiSasuMe LOLZ

6. Favorite teacher/student pairing: N/A

7. Favorite guilty pleasure: NejiShika

8. Crack of choice: AnkoHina

9. Because it's pretty: NejiSasu (Don't support it at all, though)

10. w-w-WHY, cruel world?: SasuSaku

11. Favorite canon(-ish, loose definition, etc, this is Naruto we're talking about): AsuKure

12. It all makes sense. After I've had a few beers, anyway.: JiraiOro/OroSasu

13. Dysfunctionality, baby. It's what makes the world go 'round.: Hm...SasoDei?

14. Because I can: PeinIta, lawl

15. My first Naruto 'ship EVAR: SasuNaru

16. Where has all the shiny gone/why don't I feel the love anymore?: N/A

17. Me/this 'ship = one night stand: KibaHina

18. Obscure character 'ship: N/A

19. Favorite Naruto x powerful boy who's ass he kicked(/is going to kick three years from now) pairing: Hmm... D:

20. Twosome permutation of Team 7: SasuNaru?

I'd like to know your answers. xD