There is a post in the Konoha Library reporting on what Kishi plans to write about in Naruto for 2008. (Potential spoilers ahead!)

Apparently, what was posted has been confirmed. Maybe part of that is true from the cover spread for chapter 384 where it states this is the "year of Sasuke". This has gotten a lot of people worked up, especially by the fact Kishi said Naruto will have to wait while the Uchiha and other things are resolved.

I have two feelings about this. One is that I am glad to see the Uchiha stuff resolved already. It has been a dangling storyline for a long time. Plus, this will clear up a lot of things for when Naruto takes center stage.

On the other hand, I am disappointed to see some of the background development of Naruto be put to waste. There have been a lot of revelations about Naruto's heritage and hints about what to expect for the future (e.g., unlocking "that jutsu"). I hope that Kishi at least moves ahead with some of that storyline in the background while the Uchiha stuff is at the forefront.

My other worry is that some of this may be editorially driven. There is no doubt that Sasuke is very popular, especially in Japan. In the Jump 2008 post, Kishi says that he had no plans for Team Hebi, but his editor ordered him to do something with them. That's a bit of a concern for me.