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I'm out of signature space, so I'm taking these out from my sig and into here.

What I'm doing is... on a rewatch marathon of Naruto from start up until the latest episode, I'm collecting all the most emotional moments that I can, and squeezing them into AMVs.

Emotion 1 was not using raws, sorry'bout that.
I'll remake it another time.
Meanwhile, all the others are using raws.:laugh
[youtube="963OyUydUcI"]Naruto: Emotion 1 - Questa Notte[/youtube]
[youtube="mAdVif_3JAA"]Naruto: Emotion 2 - Nobody Loves You[/youtube]
[youtube="iXicW7ct714"]Naruto: Emotion 3 - Everything I Do[/youtube]
[youtube="DLcRVpL3xLg"]Naruto: Emotion 4 - How Soon Is Now[/youtube]
[youtube="Sj0MJd-ApVo"]Naruto: Emotion 5 - War of Nerves[/youtube]
[youtube="fNC8OWtUYH0"]Naruto: Emotion 6 - Mad World[/youtube]
[youtube="8Ia6SISVIno"]Naruto: Emotion 7 - Uninvited | Kyukyoku Ogi[/youtube]

Naruto: Emotion 5 was remade due to me Sakutarding it on the first try.:amuse
The previous AMV you can view below...
[youtube="70Q8U39QUVo"]Sakura v Ino: Never Ever[/youtube]