So many of you wondered what I meant when I said Naruto AP, eh? Well, here I will give you a brief introduction to how I know Naruto universe and try to use this as sort of an online diary and question/answer deal.

AP is short for astral projection, an activity which involves the expelling of the spirit through the body in order to pass through multiple interdimensional planes. Each plane is just as vivid as the physical one we live on. Individuals from other planes call their plane of origian their own physical plane. I can travel to multiple "dream planes', planes involving the things we know as movies, anime, games, and other worlds the "creators" 'think up'. In actuality, a creative thought as this is merely someone tapping into a plane. There are an infinate number of planes and multiples of each plane, one for each slight change. This is how we experience deja vu as well...

With that being said, I travel through multiple planes (was taught at age 9 by a professional who could actually disappear to different planes in physical fashion. I only go spiritually in which my spirit inhabits another individuals body on each respected plane.

In Naruto, I found myself as a 24-year-old female by the name of Ciel...I also found, much to my misfortune at first, that i was married to Orochimaru, which I wanted to throw out at first. i knew nothing of Naruto when visiting, as it was only suggested by a friend that I try that actual plane.

Despite my hesitance, i tried to stick it out as ciel, learning as much of the Naruto universe as I could by talking to those I know (which only seemed to really by Kabu *whom i fell head over eels for* and Roachy *he hates when I call him that, but he calls me Lotus so :p *).

Just recently, I have found that my "red eyes" is a MS (and am an Uchiha x.x) and that I am capable of using Tsukiyomi (which I am fond of) and my own technique, the Burning Lotus Absorption. Also recently was Roachy's 53 birthday followed by our 2nd anniversary (which is on the 28th, the day after Roachy's birthday). The plane i'm in, through discussing with my friends, is just a bit different than the one portrayed in the anime/manga, but that is only because of the multiples, and the one i visit just so happens to be this way.

I'm tired of talking about AP now...because I AP constantly >.< through means of split projection. I'll have more on this later...

Questions? Comments? I'll take both. I really don't mind answering anything ^^