My view.

NaruSaku is win because to me it makes the most sense. Sakura is beginning to like Naruto. Naruto likes Sakura. Sasuke is completely out of the love triangle now. Lee is... never was in the love triangle lol. Hinata with Naruto just seems impossible because to me it seems Hinata will never be able to tell Naruto anything ever! :occa

It really pisses me off that she can't fucking talk. :notrust

Yea the new ep seems to bring em closer together. But we've read the manga and we know that didn't affect there relationship. :LOS Fillers don't affect the story all that much guys =/. Im sorry to say.

I like blogging btw because I can say what I want and none of you can tell me its in the wrong section or something ;o! I CAN SPEAK MAH HEART OUT!



Mozilla is Sakura. IE is Hinata. Yellow guy is Naruto. WIN!