Although the first season of Shana had a slow start and a silly ending, it has remained one of my favourite animes in recent times. That said, the second season, though I like it a bit, hasn't captured the spirit of the show. In fact, it has been rather aggravating to fans of the original and off-putting to newcomers. I wouldn't say that the show is too bad, but there are many flaws with it and it has been rushed quite a bit.

For starters, the writers received a whipping for their anime original ending to the first season, which screwed up some future events for the novels, and had to retcon it. Doing so, however, caused a backlash among fans, who were disappointed to find that Shana's confession had been somehow misheard by Yuji and that she was denying having ever made it. I wasn't too bothered by it, it was necessary to keep the show going, but the staff of the series should've anticipated this and let it go off easily.

Next, we come the Konoe arc. Again, I wasn't too bothered by it, but it dragged on far too long and served little purpose. I could've easily seen this arc squeezed into 2 episodes, rather than the 4 episodes it had actually spanned. To put it mildly, people were annoyed by this arc to no end. Salt was only added to the wound when they put in a filler about Ike after it, when people were clamouring for action.

After the Konoe arc we got a little Margery side-story for fun, and it was good. Then we got back onto the main novel material, and here is where things are either rushed too much or dragged too far out. I supposed it was necessary, there being very little novel material to spare, but they could've worked a little harder on this. Take the Pheles arc (eps 10-15, Novels 11-13), the exposition episodes weren't bad, but they were rather boring and the action parts were way too rushed. We ended missing out on the more interesting materials from the novels

We then come to the Sabrac arc (eps 17-21, Novel 14), which dragged on for a bit. Unlike the Pheles arc, here we have a bit more action. This arc focused on Yuji's change and growth as a character. In this arc, Yuji comes more to resemble his character as is portrayed in the novels, and it becomes more apparent that he has feelings for Shana through his interactions with and reactions to her. However, the fight with Sabrac had been dragged out with very little substance to it. I don't think it should've last too long because in the novels the fight was actually one of the shortest in the series, but there is very little explanation for some of the stuff that happens in the fight as it were portrayed in the anime.

Spoiler: As for the remaining episodes?
As for the remaining episodes? It's become heavily apparent they're going to adapt novel 16 over the next few episodes, leaving the series on a cliffhanger. This leaves me somewhat glad. On one hand, it leaves us hanging. Wondering how it is going to continue for possibly another year and a half until the next season, and such long term speculation can be quite painful. On the other hand, it nigh guarantees a 3rd season, which I just hope is done better than this season here.

My rating current rating for the series is around 8/10, but that's mainly because I had the first season in mind and I've like the action, regardless of it being rushed. If not for the first season, my rating would be 6/10 and I might've stopped at episode 6 or 7. If the final 3 episodes are done right, I might bump up the rating to 9/10, but to be quite honest I don't see this series deserving more than a 7 or an 8 out of 10. It just doesn't quite compare to the first series. With JC Staff taking a property as popular as Slayers for a new project, I'm hoping they can get enough revenue out of that so that a possible 3rd season of Shana doesn't have to be quite as rushed.