I always wanted to have a post about this, but in threads people just want to post their opinion (or raise post count) and only few really read it :amuse

So, what about the plot no jutsu so many people claim?

Well, before anything, it's the by far the worst answer someone can give me about any matter.
I mean, every time there is some kind of problem with the plot, everytime the good guys have some kind of luck, everytime there is a plot twist that was unexpected, there is always someone who will shout out loud from deep in his/her lungs "PLOT NO JUTSU!!".
What anoys me the most is that they don't even think about it for a couple of minutes.

Plot no jutsu clearly means: Kishi made it wrong, or the way it was more convenient and definitely not the most probable thing to occur. But I think these kind of things should be discussed and not just pointed out. If it was really a miracle that Naruto or someone didn't die or something like that, it should be discussed. If some badguy really deserved to win some fight, if it was unfair, ok let's discuss it, there will probably be people that think otherwise, but it's worthless to say that was Kishi's fault.

Finally, why do I think "plot no jutsu" makes no sense.
One of these days I was watching a documentary by BBC about pregnancy. The documentary would accompany these women throughout their pregnancy. If I'm not wrong in the numbers, they would tell the story about 10 pregnant women. Some of them, were interviewed in the beginning, and they didn't knew they were pregnant in those interviews, since they were 0 weeks pregnant. But of course they were, even if the odds were not that high. Why is that? Because BBC interviewed and followed, let's say something like 200 women and, in the end, only showed in the "good" ones.

Now think about Naruto. If Kishi were to make only "1 interview", he would probably have a story about a morron with no future that would die in a simple mission with 14 years old, by falling off a cliff. And then "the end".

What I mean: Please understand that these kids, Kishi writes about, are special guys meant to do great great things. I view Kishi as someone that is not creating a story but rather telling a story that is already in the past. So, they will most likely win and triumph, because otherwise the story would not be worth telling. Of course their life and battles won't be easy, but that's what is fun about every story. Then, if they were to win by a fart that's because luck was with them. If the odds were not by their side, and they still managed to do what they were supposed to, well, that should be great.

Edit: corrected some errors on the text after one whole year :amuse