Today i'm going to school with my 2 best friends Morita and Rika.They are my best friends since we were 6 years old.Rika is very beautiful than me,her hobby was very weird she always capture my photo!!:notrust.Morita is very weird too because when i was trying to talked to him,his face is always red and he's just like don't want to talk to me.why?:huh.My examination is already end,i got number 4 behind that Morita.Damn it!Rika got number 1 better than me*so jealous*.When i'm going back home,i forgot to take my pencil case:p so i tell Rika and Morita go first.After i got my pencil case back,i saw Takamura.He is from 1st class,he always got number 1 in exam,many girls like him.Actually i like him too.I really want to talk to him but i reallygotta go,Rika and Morita waiting for me then he's blocking me from going out of school.He said he wanna talk to me first.I really scare at that time.Then he come closer to me,i was very scare!!:iik close,close,close,closer....YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID TO ME!!? HE KISS ME!!.He said he love me since i met him for the first time.Then i said to him "I...i...i'm sorry,I'm not ready for this yet" then i ran back home,crying on the bed.Rika and Morita was very worried about me so they told my mother about this.After this tragedy,i decided to forget it so i go meet Rika and Morita and tell them that i'm okay.Then Morita yelling at me,he said "You are really worrying us! you know!!".I was shock after that.Rika was quiet at that time.I don't know why his really mad about this but i think he know that Takamura have kissed me.

I will continue my story about this on next time