This is part two of three!! It's taking me a while to come up with these because, well, I don't particularly care on the whole, and my life doesn't revolve around the Naruto fandom

The first part of this post is the same as in part one of the series. I'm just listing it for easy reference. This list is terribly short for a reason -- there aren't many pairings I'm indifferent on, I usually either support or don't support, or can't see either side of.


I'll break my lists down into multiple categories: Those I support, those I don't have an opinion on, and those I don't support at all. Furthermore, however, I will break it down into three categories -- erotic, platonic and familial. I will not differentiate in the context, except where Erotic is concerned if it requires this classification, the pairings that are Yaoi versus those that are het, because it should be obvious. I will also not bother with pointing out what is crack and what isn't -- again, it should be obvious.

I will hereby define how I use these words.

Erotic: (pairings will be labeled in RED BOLD text). Romantic, to the point of lemons/limes. Pairs I can see ending up sexually involved, crack or not; these are pairings I find especially hot, even if they aren't plausible in the context of the canon. These would be pairings I read or write lemons for, and have NSFW images of stored because I think they're hot. Yaoi, yuri and het are equal here. By the way, I hate the whole "seme" and "uke" concept -- romantic relationships are relationships of equals in my opinion, and sexual position has nothing to do with it. Topping from the bottom, and all that. It's all a matter of give-and-take.

Platonic: (pairings will be labeled in BLUE BOLD text). Friendship bonds. Bonds of two (or more) people on equal footing with each other. Basically, pairings that I don't see getting sexually involved but that are every bit as tightly bound -- or more -- to each other.

Familial: (pairings will be labeled in MAGENTA BOLD text). sibling relations and parent-child or student-teacher relationships. Relationships where there is either a noted blood-bond or a bond of guidance (one is the mentor to the other; one is the "parent-figure" to the other). Again, this bond can be extremely strong, potentially stronger than that of lovers. This is in some ways interchangeable with Platonic, so it may be used interchangeably with it.


I notice that some people will fight tooth and nail over "SasuNaru" versus "NaruSasu" -- when the fact is, to me, it's totally immaterial. I don't give a damn who "tops" or whose name is listed first in pairing. In every case, I don't care if the names are the other way around. LeeGaara is the same as GaaraLee to me. Therefore, I will list them in my preferred order, which is usually, in heterosexual relationships Male & Female, and in homosexual relationships is Alphabetical A & Alphabetical B. There are some exceptions based on personal preference (KakaIru is more pleasing to my eye than IruKaka... just personal preference).


Naruto & Sasuke: I think they're adorable together, because they're always fighting for supremacy (yes, I know, I'm nuts) but at the same time, I'm kind of not sure I can see them ever connecting on this level.

Neji & Tenten: I dunno, I think that they have a healthy respect for each other, but I'm not convinced it's OMG TWU WUV!! They are cute together, and some of the art is to die for, but I'm not convinced he's her best match, even if she probably is his.

Kankurou & Kiba: You know, I love this pairing, it's like a guilty pleasure, but in reality, I don't see Kankurou unbending enough to try it. Kiba, above all others in the entire series, strikes me as someone who would easily experiement with his sexuality, so for him to be bisexual would be no big deal at all. But Kankurou strikes me as someone who would take a LOT of coaxing to come out as gay or bi.

Jiraiya & Orochimaru: I dunno, I'm not convinced that Orochimaru has much of a sexuality anymore (too many body-jumps) but even back in the day, when he was in his original body, I still think he was too much of an ice-block to really care about anyone but himself. And Jiraiya... he's so focused on the ladies that I think if anything, he might've been infatuated by Orochimaru's mysterious beauty (goddamn, he's pretty!) but.... Meh. I can see both sides.

Um, that's all I can think of. Stay tuned for the next part -- pairings I cannot support at all.