1. Fucktake mushrooms
2. ...Butt Fuck
3. Dr. Octopussy!
4. "Where did you come from?"
My penis
5. "What's up?"
My penis
6. "What are you doing?"
Your Mom
7. You're stepping on my dick
8. Ow, my dick
9. If quizes are quizical, then tests must be testicle
10. It fell off again
11. What do you call a small condom?
A condominium!
12. To find out how long my penis is in inches, you simply use the equation: p=x^2+10, where p=the length of my penis in inches
and x=the length of any given person's penis, in inches. More on this later
13. It's not my fault my dick's so big
14. You know what the worst smell in the world is? Sweaty dick