In case anyone cared:

Right now I'm all set up to join the Army National Guard. Thanks to my college degree, I go in as an officer. Thanks to my perfect score on the ASVAB I go in as a Provost Marshall. I go to Basic Training in a week or so, maybe less. Maybe later, to tell you the truth. I'm a little unsure about it all. When I get back, I'll have about a month to do my own thing some more, and then it's off to OCS (Officer Candidacy School). Ten weeks later I'm back and looking to go to my AIT (Advanced Individual Training). All of this means less time for the forums.

Over the next three years I plan on taking as much military training as possible. I want to get Intelligence training, Infantry training, and training to kill people assassin style. Why not? They encourage you to train and I've got nothing better to do. And while I'm at it, I'll go to grad school. It's paid for, so again, I don't see why I shouldn't.

In about three years time, around the time I'll be turning 28ish, I plan on joining the CIA. That'd be fun. I'd get a gun, wear a suit, and maybe even kill people for the government. Nothing would suit me better. I'd work for the government in both regards, eventually retire from the guard, most likely as a colonel, and settle down. Maybe open a bar. That section of my life would be finished, and since I plan to live to be at least 300, I might go back to grad school, get a PhD in physics, and teach at some small town university where I can raise a family.

After 100 years or so I'll retire a second time and buy a boat to sell around the world.

The End.