Well basically today two of my friends who have known each other since middle school (I never went to their middle school, but was aware of it) had reached the boiling point of the tension between that had always existed between the two.

What makes it funny is the fact that neither of them are gay (at least I don't think so), but more so on the fact that the friend who I'd expect to smack him silly didn't.

Basically they were arguing on the fact that the other guy didn't do any work and the other guy said that he didn't tell him to do work or give him anything to go by on a project that was due today. They argued about that for well over 5 minutes and then the one friend who complained that the other doesn't do any work brings up how he's always doing this. :mad

To be honest that's not why it was funny. Sure they were arguing about something that was SO insignificant and at any moment they could of helped me and my other project partners on the project since we didn't finish, but they kept going on.

What really put the icing on the cake was the fact that we weren't the only ones in the room. In fact the room we were using was being used by a club with a whole bunch of people that we knew and they were just staring. :nuts

At the end of it my friend, the one who started to arguement and had expected to get slapped silly ended up not... although he didn't log on to AIM when I got home nor have I heard from him since...

Meh, maybe he's dead.