And so i decided to upload this summer project of mine. I worked at it for less than 2 months, doing random pages every other day. I planned on still continuing even when school started, but... well, school sucks.

I started out without any plot in mind except that it's supposed to be a romance manga.

But even before that, i had designed some characters already and they are just waiting to be used. :D Characters are what i've really thought of at this point. A Guy with a glasses fetish, and a Girl that's addicted to shoujo manga. Sounds typical, but i didnt plan on making anything grand, anyway. :noworry and then there was the story making process.

That's when i came up with this idea, "To hell with plots. I'm gonna do a random page, think of what happens to the next page tomorrow, and it'll be okay." that worked at first. until i decided what should happen later on, on a larger view of things. but that was already in the middle of the series, so you might see the story going to all directions. but it was still fun to make. :D

Now, here's a synopsis i came up after looking at what i have made this past summer.
Spoiler: Synopsis
This is a story about childhood friends Shuya and Yuki.

This is a story about Shuya, his glasses-fetish, and how he tries to gain the attention of the girl he had loved for years.

This is also a story about Yuki, and how she tries to improve her seemingly unrequited love for the guy she likes.
or, you could've seen this here.

so yeah, it's set in japan, it's a slice-of-life-random type. it's romance. and... i enjoyed making it.

Chapter 1 was told from Shuya's perspective and Chapter 2 was from Yuki's.

and it's a whooping 33 pages! BAM! you thought i only made a couple did you!? :pek

oh, and i made it to be read from LEFT -> RIGHT.

Spoiler: sample pages i've shown looooong ago

and after all the trouble of typing all that up, it's still uploading....
EDIT: here it is.

DDL. <----- clickie for the manga.

Note: It's still unfinished.

Note2: If you're already familiar with my art, i did post a lot of it here, My username from before was Six.