I'm sick of iPod. Sure, it sure as hell isn't my business if the majority chooses to buy themselves an iPod Nano even though there's at least twenty mp3s better than that piece of shit to a lesser price. But today, some nutshell with an iPod Nano was looking at my mp3 and was like "OMG LULZ YOU DONT HAVE CLICK WHEEL?!?!one! DUDE THAT SUX YOU CAN'T BROWSE TO YOUR SONGS FAst IF U DONT HAV CLICK WHEEL! OMG OMG! ONE ONE ! LOL LOL!".

You fucking dumbass. No I don't have Click Wheel. But I will list some fucking reasons why my iRiver Clix is better than your mediocre iPod Nano.

1. My iRiver Clix plays video. Does your fucking iPod Nano play video? No, it fucking don't so shut the fuck up. While I'm sitting there, enjoying The.Simpsons.S17E20-XoR, you can enjoy.. oh yeah, what could you do with your iPod now again? Watch pictures? And listen to songs? Wow dipshit. May I remind you it's 2007 already?

2. My iRiver Clix plays radio.
Yeah, that's right fucker. I can tune in any radio station I want if I would ever get tired of the music I have on my CLIX. Again, it's 2007 and this shit should be basic.
3. My iRiver Clix can.. *drums please*... fucking play Flash-lite. That essentially means I can browse after Flash-lite files on the internet and put it in my beloved Clix. That means various games and funny flash-movies.

5. With my Clix, I can
change the background with desired picture. Just because I can, I've inserted the Uchiha crest picture and now have it as my background picture. Oh, did I mention I can watch pictures with my Clix? Sure, you surely can as well, dumbfuck, but that just leads me to my next point (watch below);
6. My iRiver Clix's screen is bigger than your Nano. Your iPod Nano screen is:
1.5" with 176x132 resolution.
My iRiver Clix screen is:
2.2" backlit AMOLED screen
QVGA (320 x 240) resolution
18-bit color depth (262,144 colors)

Size does matter.
7. My iRiver Clix can actually wake me up in the morning. It's true, it's a feature included.
8. My iRiver Clix's audio-quality is WAY better than your shitty iPod Nano. I'm amazed how the CEO's of Apple must think;
CEO1: "Man, our product iPod Nano's audio quality really sux! I think we should fix it so it can compete with .. well let's say, iRiver Clix!"
CEO2: "Dude, we already make tons of money out of iPod Nano so it doesn't matter. The kids nowadays feel as if they need to be mainstream and iPod is a given choice. Hell, we could probably ditch the screen and people would buy it."
CEO1: "Aaah, you're probably right. Screw good audio quality, let's just stick to the shit we create."

And my last and funniest point:
My iRiver CLIX 4 GB was cheaper than your iPod Nano 2GB.

Oh, the irony.

And there's alot of shit I didn't include that my Clix could do that your Nano can't, but fuckit, you've been verbally bukkaked so much already I thought it was enough.