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I am currently writing a historical fiction during the French Revolutionary wars with my main character Captain Alexi Rulon of the 8th Northern Grenadier Regiment. I have begun the actual writing and would like to post them here to get feedback from Naruto Fan.

Now details of the book:

Time Period- 1874-1802

Main Character - Captain Alexi Rulon of the 8th Northern Grenadier Regiment

Plot: Captain Alexi Rulon strives to help his father Marshal Francois Rulon on the eastern front as news of the defeat after defeat of the French Revolutionary Army reaches the citizens of Paris and Rouen the hometown of Alexi. After turning 18 Alexi decides to enlist into the French Revolutionary Army and rejoin with his father and shift the tide of the war into France's favor.

Excerpt From the first chapter:

The Year is 1795, two years since the execution of Louix XVI of France, the monarchies of Europe look into fear as France is thrown into chaos with the Reign Of Terror sending thousands of people to their deaths by the guillotine. Fearing similar revolutions in their empires the empires of Europe converge to stop the French First Republic and restore absolute monarchy of France. In this turbulent time known as the French Revolutionary Wars enemies of France close in on the republic and the final push towards Freedom, Equality, and Liberty begins.

I am currently finishing up chapter 1 and i will post it here in this thread for reviews from my fellow Naruto Fan members. I hope this catches the intrest of Naruto Fan.

Here is a list of the characters:

French Republic

Captain Alexi Rulon

Maximllian Robespierre
Napoleon Bonaparte
Marshal Louis Francois Bordeax

Coalition Against France

Archduke Charles

Horatio Nelson
Duke of Brunswick
Alexander Suvorov
General Heinrich Von Blucher
Franz Kopplien Duke Of Saxony