My First Blog

Greeting my Blog Viewer... Let takes a look at my wonderful Blog History.

if i recall correctly i tries to think of idea what to write a blog.. so i make one at and it would be all about software theme. I have only one post i believed was cursing at Microsoft due to their bugs. Of course it just one post. I never made other blog post since then.

Then there was LJournal, i only made one post all about me. Fair enough to say that i never made other post since then too.

Finally, I am here, Speakings all about my Nice '' Blog. I don't know if i were to make other post. However since I am Fan of Naruto, which I might most likely to post all about naruto(and all the conspiracy theory related to Naruto).

Otherwise, in worst scenario, That i would not make anymore post to my Super Awesome '' Blog!!!

on bright side, I hear going to have a blog as their additional feature to their forum. So you might see me make my first post there too!

Here is my favorite mark I has tend to leave my mark here --