Hmm I'm not what people would call a 'Blogger' but I have not joined a site yet where I haven't posted at least ONE blog entry. Kind of like an introduction of sorts... I guess xD.

I joined here because while doing some online searching I found that there are some great FCs here and after some 'Lurking' I guess it is called I decided to join.

I'm not a huge forum user so I don't like to join something and then never be on. College and work kicks my butt sometimes xDD.

I love to talk to new people and make new friends, and have meaningful debates if we disagree on things.

I also roleplay and cosplay <3.
And I love Hyuuga Hinata's character I even have a tattoo in her honor. Might be a little crazy sounding but its nothing unlike getting the anbu symbol or something else from a series you really like. Mine is just dedicated to a Character, is all.

Well I guess that is all about me, in my first and most likely Last blog xD.