Well here I go at writing my first blog on NF. I dont really know why I am writing it I just know that I am. Well i guess I should include a lil info about me in my first blog so you all get to know a lil bit about me. I mean that IS the reason for blogs am I right?

Well I'm 19 turning 20 on the 27th. I was born and raised in NYC. Queens to be more exact. I live a few blocks away from the Goodfellaz Dinner which i like to go to at times. I'm currently in college at John Jay College of Criminal Justice located in the Hells Kitchen section of Manhattan. My major is easily the most difficult that the college has to offer. The drop rates for that major are incredible. I will admit that I am not the best at it. I may be a sophmore but i failed a vital class (chem 103) the first time round but managed to pass it this time with a C-. That grade only reaffirmed the fact that if i bothered to try in class i could do much better. I know it sounds like I'm full of myself but it's true. Back when I used to apply myself i received exemplary grades. I started getting a tad bit too comfy and began to slack off. Since then i have been averaging C's. To be honest the truth is not that I'm lazy but that I'm kind of scared. Limitless potential scares me a bit. But its not that I'm scared of that I can become anything I'm scared of all that I wouldnt become. Recently in my battles against Insomnia I came to realize that I am scared of missed opportunities. What Ifs are very scary. But as I was laying there in my bed I realized that i have to stop living my life like that. That i have to go out there and live my life. Wow look at that. I started talkin about a lil facts about me and got all philosophical and shyt. Well thats another thing you should know about me. When your talking with me odds are the conversation will go off on a tangent.

Well back to a little about me. I really like Reggeaton music. Tego Calderon is my favorite artists even though i have difficulty understanding what he is saying. I love raunchy lyrics so of course Pitbull is another fav. I only have 1 piercing, a tongue ring and i love getting new ones. I'm actually getting a vibrating one soon. If youve seen my pics you know that I am not much of a physical specimen. I stand at 5 7 and weigh in at 168 lbs. You might have also noticed that I have long hair. And although I may not look like it but I fight for money. My specialty is submissions. I like getting in real close and going to town(not only in fighting but other things :p )

Despite what it seems I am a very good writer. I received a 51 on my CPE exam which I took 15 credits early. If I didnt rush my essay I wouldve easily received a 60. I dont exactly go crazy over books that have deep philosophical messages but if a book is good I'll read it. My favorite book is 100 years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Which brings me to my next tidbit.

I am of Colombian decent. Which means just about everyone beleives I am somehow involved in cocaine trafficking. I let them think that and have even received the nickname of Cartel. My senior year in high school i became GC, Goodfella Cartel after 3 of my friends and I became known as the Goodfellaz.

My fav character of all time is Wolverine. I dont know what it is but his character is so intriguing to me. From his abilities to his history it all captivates me. I guess his history with women is something I relate to. He cant get too close to women for fear of losing them.

Well its 3:30 in the morning over here and I think I've written enough and that those who are reading this are bored out of there minds by now. I've noticed that some people like to wrap up their blogs with some thoughtful insightful quote or message. I cant really think of one so heres one which I really like and I think tells you quite a bit about me.

Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory... lasts forever