Hello there, Shadow Blade aka. BladeBlur is here. I decided start writing a blog here about the main stuff I like, which is anime, jpop and rock and of course video games.

For example, every week I'm gonna have an overview about any new singles or albums from bands that are popular, or if the song is featured in an anime. Here's an example, my first two single reviews:


Track List
1. Daidai
2. Cosmo Town
3. Real
release date: 9.5.07

I bet most of you know that "Daidai" is the latest ending for Bleach. The band Chatmonchy, has been around for a longer time you might think (about 2 years).

This is also not their very first anime song. Back in October 2006 their song, "Shangri-la" was featured as the ending theme for the slice-of-life anime "Hataraki Man". It was a short and catchy song that has a catchy beat.

However, it wasn't the same case with Daidai. You'll come to find I love or at least like most songs I'm gonna review, but in the case of Daidai, I have to be honest, it sucks.

While it is logical that the song is slow moving since it is an ending that fits well into the currect arc, it feels as if the song is drawn out in a weird fashion. The verses are at least quiet and melodic but once you get to the chorus, it appears that the main vocalist is trying in the highest (and most annoying) pitch, which does not fit the guitar riffs, nevertheless the actual mood.

What's worse is the fact that the full version is even less satisfying than the standards of the original TV version (if there were actually standards). The song is shorter than most, clocking in at 3:22, but the problem is that 55 seconds of the seconds are an extension to the chorus, with the lead singer screaming in a tone that reminiscent screaming rather than singing. So technically, the only "new" part of the song is another verse and a slightly longer chorus, that's it. I usually don't judge a song before I hear the full version, but this time there is no excuse, this is by far the worst Bleach ending.

Surprisingly, even if some people are going to think that the band are a cheap YUI knockoff, the single is not all that bad. "Cosmo Town", unlike "Daidai" is a more cheerful song. It may annoy some to due the screaming nature of the vocalist, but thanks to the kawaii mood, it makes me wonder why this isn't the A-Side song instead of "Daidai"? The third track, "Real", while the most quiet title on this single, doens't do much to help this petty single. The song might be soothing, but it's forgettable and has a depressive tune to it.

Overall, it's not only unfortunate that this is the first review of a song I am doing, and the fact it's featured in a bad-ass anime like Bleach. What is really unfortunate is the fact it was out the same day as my Birthday (meaning I had a birthday yesterday if you did you math today ^^). Instead of actually topping it's TV-SIZE counterpart from Bleach, "Daidai" come up short, pun not intended. If you really like the song, I recommend looking forward for their 2nd album "Seimeiryoku" which is out due October 24th, which also features their much better anime song "Shangri-La". Otherwise, stay away.

The song itself: 1/10
The entire single: 4/10

Final Score


Hope you enjoyed my first review and let's hope the next song is gonna be better... oh wait, it IS gonna be better since it doesn't really get worse than this.