(Some misspellings)

The Revive. Kakashi is Heald.

( This is a Fanfic based on what i thought was gonna happen After Tsunade became

"As we come in we see Naruto, Jiraiya, Lady Tsunade and others walking down a
dirt road into the woods where their destanation lays , the village hidden
in the leaves.

Jiraiya: I am never going to the hot springs AGAIN.
Naruto: Tell me about it, There was too much drama.
Tsunade: At least everyone learned their lesson. Just dont wory about me anymore
I can handle myself.
Naruto: Trust me i wont.
Tonton:Oiink Oink.
Jiraiya: Well i have learned my lesson too. Never sit in a hot spring for hours
waiting for women.
Naruto: HAHAHA thats what you get you pervy weirdo.
*Narutos necklace glistens in the sun*
Naruto: Grandma Tsunade,,,I hope u take care of the village well... I know i will
Tsunade:*Flashes back to the faces of her lost loved ones*
Loved Ones:To be Hokage that is my dream..
Tsunade: Dont worry naruto i love this village and i wont let it down.
Naruto:*nods head**yells* WERE HERE!!
Jiraiya:Yes ,, we are,, that was quick,time flys
*Shizune stays silent through the whole trip home*
Naruto: Ahhh its good to be home*puts his hands behind hs head*
*Looks up at the hokage Faces*
Naruto: Grandma Tsunade...
Tsunade: Yes ,, what now Naruto?
Naruto: Just Picture it your face will be up there next*smiles*
Tsunade: *Stares up at the faces**Pictures her lost loved ones faces in the rock*
Dont worry your dream lives on in me ... and... naruto uzumaki.
Naruto: umm Grandma Tsunade? Are you okay?
Tsunade: *shakes head * ohh umm yes Naruto now lets do what originally came here
to do.
Naruto: Yea!!
Jiraiya: Ok Ok lets get going.
Shizune:*Thinks* Yea we should be there by now*
Naruto: Lets go.

(Enters a open room with two beds. On one lays Kakashi , the other Sasuke Uchiha.)

Tsunade: Okay. *Leans down on her knees next to Kakashi's bed side**Holds up her
hands gathering chakra in it. when its finally enough she places her hand on
Kakashi's chest.*... This should work.
Kakashi:Tsunade? Jiraiya?....Naruto??
Naruto:Kakashi Sensei, Its great to see you up!
Kakashi:*sits up and smiles* Its good to see you too naruto....sasuke...SASUKE
is he still with us??
Tsunade: Yes yes he is .. im here to heal him too
Kakshi: oh okay good... well Jiraiya im so thankful you found Tsunade and bringing
her to the village to heal us.
Jiraiya: It was no problem Kakashi.
Naruto: HELLO what about me i helped a bunch too beleive it.
Kakashi:hehe thank you too naruto *Smiles*
Naruto:Grandma Tsunade i think its Sasuke's turn.
Tsunade: I think your right.

To be Continued...