So this is my dream

I have a cigarette with my friends at a party. The night ends and it is two weeks later. I am stressed out and sitting in a car in an empty parking lot next to someone I don't know. I ask him for a cigarette. He gives me an unfiltered cigarette. I put the the wrong side of the cigarette in my mouth hold it for a few minutes. After which I say "Can I have a light?" He says "you want a light?" Then I respond "yea" He says "Alright one second". I hold out the cigarette with the wrong side to light. He laughs and takes the cigarette from me. After a minute he is able to light the wet tip. Then he hands it to me. I put it in my mouth, step out the car, and take one puff. After which he says "you should quit", sense rushes to my head and I spit the cigarette out and watch it burn on the blacktop for a few moments. Then I step on it.