Have I told you I love childhood?
I'm 20.
I'm a sophomore at Penn State University.
I'm a mature young gentleman looking toward a bright future.
Yeah, right.
Not that it isn't true, it's just not who I am.
I'm still a kid. Yeah, I know, so are all of you. But how many of you took a long walk to nowhere sometime last week? How many of you looked up at the stars, stared at them for awhile, and really marveled at them? How many of you picked one out and said "That's me"... and had a reason for it? How many of you can still find that star? How many of you went out and played a sport, not for competition, not to win, even knowing you would lose, not keeping score, but just for the love of the game? How many of you took a second to look at the trees and the grass and the clouds and the sun, and the way all the shadows fell and moved and the way the leaves rustled in the wind, and said wow, it's a beautiful day. How many of you needed nothing more than that to make you happy? How many of you put on a favorite song, turned the volume all the way up, and danced wildly in your empty room? How many of you did that with someone present to see what a fool you were? How about without being self-conscious? How many of you cleared your schedule, slept in late, made breakfast in the middle of the afternoon, and watched TV and played video games all day in your PJs? Ordered a pizza and ate it on the living room floor? Yelled at the characters of a TV show like they were actual people and could hear what you thought? How many of you watched a love story and took it as a love story instead of criticizing all the angles and stagings and cheesy lines? How many of you remembered one of those lines to use with someone special?
I'm willing to bet not a one of you.

This is why I'm happier than you.

Tomorrow, I'm going to wake up early, sit through a few impossible classes... then go ice skating, walk home, look at the clouds and think about how it's a beautiful day, watch another episode of my favorite TV show and yell at the characters, play a video game against a good friend and not care if I lose, order Chinese and eat it in front of the television, and then find another bunch of friends and party my brains out.

I love life.