I?m agnostic.
Don?t believe in the god ?God? so to speak.
But this universe didn?t come into being miraculously. I can picture our universe...one of those Christmas snow baubles on the shelf of an upper being.
Test-subjects. An experiment.

Life feels nihilistic. My stream of thoughts on this subject; Is there a point to life?
You see animals. They are born, they eat, they drink, they shit, and they die.
But most importantly, they mate. And that seems to be their purpose in life. Reminds me of a sad yet poignant episode from ?Walking with Dinosaurs?. The one where the pterodactyl, made redundant by his younger counterparts, can do nothing but continue trying to attract a mate. In vain. Until his death.
Which leads to the million dollar question.
Is that our purpose in life?
Or is there a higher one?

More on this later.