There is this world, you see; this is it.

This isn't fair, but no one knew why; it was just a candid acceptance. Why is it unfair? It's making a conscious effort to fuck you.

Someone said there's a mouth in it; somewhere, somehow there's a mouth, and it's spouting destruction on us. No one knows where it is. No one knows what it looks like. No one what to do about it. There's this mouth in the world--one that is hidden, unknown and any actions to defy it are unknown.

This world fucking hates us.

It doesn't want us to proceed.

I'm going to find this mouth.

Don't do it, they said.

I'm going to find this mouth and I'm going to close it. It hates us; we hate it. If this mouth going to ruin us, I'll ruin it.

I looked. Someone said there's this mouth, you see. But I didn't. I don't think he did either. I looked some more. Lots of mouths, but not that mouth. Mouths mouths mouths. Everywhere--all saying something else. Mouths talking about hate; mouths talking about destruction; mouths talking about mouths; mouths talking about mouths talking about mouths. What a fucking horrendous word: mouths It sounds wrong. It doesn't sound like it was meant to be said. By mouths.

I still looked. Why did it hate us? I could ask the mouth. I'm still afraid of it. The mouth. For some reason I know it wants to eat me. I can see it in my mind.

Still looking.

It's ludicrous. Asinine. I'm looking for a disembodied mouth in the world, seeding bad luck and destruction. And I hate it.

There's this paradigm, you see...

I found my way to the mountains. Steep, pronounced and rhythmic, flowing a long the countryside like a set of teeth. I sat down, and looked to the sky. The realization came only slightly faster than the nearly identical 'mountain range snapped down towards the one I was sitting on.

The man had it wrong--or didn't. There's no mouth in this world. There's this world in the mouth, you see. There's with world. Ours. Not a single, solitary flicker of obligation with sprout.

There's this world, and it's in this mouth, and eventually it will close and swallow you. You're in this mouth, you see, and there's nothing you can do about it.