I figured I should blog a little, though I don't do so often.
Hmm... since this is my first post, I'll ramble on a little bit about myself.

First, I'm eighteen, graduated, and currently job-hunting. I have three sisters and a large extended family. I live in the small university town of Moscow, Idaho, reputed to be the only liberal town in the state. Lol. I have black hair that tends to form annoying loose ringlets that knot up and make brushing my hair Hell. My eyes suck- I'd never seen the stars before I got my glasses, which are quite like Karin's, only smaller and made of metal, not plastic. Karin is one of my least favorite characters in the Naruto series, but if you take her head and paste it onto Hinata's body, she looks a lot like me.

My cat's name is Houdini. She is not very smart, but quite sweet, to the point where she keeps me up when I'm trying to sleep because she wants lovies... and I just have to oblige her. She likes it when I pet her tummy... lol.

I am a video game addict. I'm best at 3rd person action adventures- the Zelda series springs instantly to mind- but I have played almost every genre: RPGs (the Tales series pwns Final Fantasy), Shooters, etc... even Tetris and We Love Katamari... so I'm quite a diverse player, and I'm rather good.

I am also a fervent reader. Fantasy is my favorite genre, but I'll try bits of everything. RA Salvatore, Garth Nix, Kristen Britain, JK Rowling, and of course, JRR Tolkien, are all on my bookshelf. I'm currently searching for a copy of 'Villains By Nessessity,' a book so excellent that I borrow it from the library everytime I visit. But I think that my favorite book is Alan Paton's 'Cry, the Beloved Country.' I finished that book for the first time and curled up and cried and cried... It is so beautiful.

I am also a fair writer, but I tend to rush things in my stories. I'm also a nasty critic of my own work, so I don't like sharing it often. Mostly, I write fanfiction, but on occasion I do write original pieces. But no one wants to read them... sigh...

Ehm... I'm fond of school, actually, and I kind of miss some of my classes. Especially English with Crag Hill. He must be the greatest teacher I've ever had. A truly marvelous person. I also like drawing, but I can't do anything even remotely realistic. I took choir in my last year of High School and discovered with some shock that my voice was not as unpleasant as I'd thought. I wish I'd taken it in earlier years... but I was too self-conscious. History is cool, but I never got A's after 8th grade because I never do current events, ever. I even keep up on the news, and I still never did them. I hate PE, and I have rather bad associations with math class, but I enjoyed Economics very much, particularly the international trade simulation.

Ah, music is very important to me. I could name fifty bands here and not get a tenth of the way through my 'favorite band' list, so let's just go with a few...
Toad the Wet Sprocket: Unbelievable stuff. I was so crushed when I found out they'd broken up.
Counting Crows: Their first album is lovely, but I like all of their stuff.
Semisonic: Their first album is the only album truly worth buying, but you get some of the best music from the '90s in it.
Modest Mouse: There is no other band like them. I like all of their songs. But they took some getting used to, an acquired taste... like... feta cheese? But I don't like feta cheese...
The Decemberists: Same case with MM, though their music is so different it's incomparable.
Sister Hazel: Anyone who grew up in the early 90's should know the song, 'All For You.'
REM: A band whose music will never grow old.
Matchbox Twenty: Sappy lyrics most of the time, but the vocals are so great that it doesn't even matter.
Er... I also like Enya, Bach, Train, Vivaldi, Live, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Vertical Horizon, Phish, System of a Down, Disturbed, Better Than Ezra, The Cranberries, Dido, Alanis Morissette, Our Lady Peace, Flight of the Conchords, and The Bloodhound Gang. That's all I'm listing...
I like most rock, folk, some jazz and blues, Baroque Classical (Most modern stuff sucks), a tiny bit of country and rap (VERY tiny), a tiny bit of pop (Spears should burn in Hell for keeping those poor babies of hers), and some techno- GOOD techno. No disco. Ugh... disco...

I want to learn other languages, particularly Latin, Japanese, and German. Spanish would be good, too, but if you know Latin and English, you know a ton of Spanish already...

Right, Naruto. If I had to pick, Gaara would be my favorite character. Sasuke is my least favorite character.

Oh, and I'm a yaoi fangirl, just so you know.

Well, that's it for now.