Has there been any character you've always thought should get a good punch in the face? like Rossiu from TTGL. well atleast simon did that for you.

But isnt it more annoying when that person is so easy to punch, yet if he does get smacked in the face, it would just be what he wanted?


Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou Tou Dai Ni Maku SPOILERS

That Bastard Chaos.

episode 7. :notrust
that freakin--
--bastard on the wheelchair calling himself chaos is so damn annoying! i hate it when he smiles, arg! :yell to make things worse, if hiyuu did punch him, it would feel like hiyuu's lost. and if he didnt, it will all be according to plan. atleast, that's what chaos wanted. but what's worst of all is when he started talking about it as a game. i'm sick of kids trying to act all cool saying it's just a game. :notrust

Chaos just won himself most annoying character ever. :notrust