...15. Don't be hatin', be masturbatin'!
16. "How much longer?"
A couple feet
17. I eat pussy for breakfast
18. Always(...eat pussy)
19. Mine goes to the left
20. "You're hornier than Jiraiya!"
21. I'm going to rape you up the butt, mon!
22. "You,...are the horniest little boy...I have ever seen".
23. I only get "F"s in cup size
24. You need to upgrade!
25. D-flat is an oxymoron...---figure it out.
26. I'm a pervert, stupid
27. All men are perverts-Jiraiya...said by me, too
28. Jiraiya was my inspiration
29. I've masturbated since before I knew what masturbation was...
30. ...the first time was in a bath tub...when I was 9...
31. ...500+ times and counting smile-big